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7 Advantages of Interim Management

With many businesses facing significant financial challenges, some which will be new even to an experienced C-Suite, the option of taking on an Interim Manager comes with many benefits and could be the winning hand you are looking for.

1. Hit the ground running

Hire a senior ‘hands-on’ manager with experience in delivering change in your sector and the ‘know-how’ to get up to speed quickly. Their careers will have been spent successfully tackling the issues that your company needs help with, such as establishing an overseas operation, managing a merger or acquisition, handling a corporate turnaround or introducing a major new technology.


They are used to walking into high pressured, challenging situations with tight timeframes AND expect to have their actions scrutinised, whilst reporting regularly into senior management.

3. Starting Now

The good ones may have to complete a contract but typically hired for 3-9months Interim Managers can be available immediately and unlike a permanent employee have a quicker HR process to bring on board.

4. Commitment Phobe

Yes, we are! Interim management allows a company to boost its team without adding to permanent headcount – getting around a company headcount freeze and with no long-term commitment required.

5. People Person (and Data Person)

The best results when delivering rapid change are when your people are bought in to the process and the data drives your decisions. Good Interim Managers are adept at delving into the detail, identifying what and who can be relied upon and bringing together these two critical factors.

6. Tell it like it is

They aren’t after a long- term career in your organisation which means they aren’t after anyone’s job nor do they need to be as political i.e. there is the freedom to tell it like it is…. telling the senior team what they need to hear even if they may not want to hear it.

7. The bigger picture

Bringing both the experience from working in other organisations and detailed understanding of specific financial scenarios is where an Interim Manager becomes invaluable — the ability to quickly assess the ‘as is’ and present viable solutions that allows organisations to quickly respond to opportunities and take big decisions, fast.  

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