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When should you bring the big guns in?

When failure is not an option, plan for recovery and restructure for growth.

At a time when a business is in distress, investing more funds may feel counter intuitive but when the current way of working isn’t working then it is time to bring in the experts (and I mean The Big Four here) and forge a road to your business recovery.

What are the warning signs that it is time to bring in the advisors?

Get proactive and see what’s coming within your forecasting.

  1. Creditor and Cash Flow Problems

  2. Failure to meet business targets

  3. At risk of forced acquisition

  4. Breach of Banking Convenance

  5. Attrition of Staff

  6. Disruption in the Marketplace

Go for pre-emptive, actionable financial solutions that are effective and work for you because they are tailored to your needs and designed to act in the best interest of your business. But to do this you need help - no one has the head space or bandwidth to define and deliver these while still running the day to day business.

And what can your advisors do for your business?

Look at the bigger picture with fresh eyes…

  • Take a strategic approach to operational challenges that removes cost and add value.

  • Not just manage but take control of your cash flow ‘Cash is King’

  • Offer financial restructuring solutions from a position of experience in doing this regularily and working with stakeholders, financial organisations and creditors to make these a reality

  • Overcome the fear factor and manage the negotiations involved in making significant restructure decisions that can save the business if not in its current format e.g. mergers and acquisitions

How to start? Get talking. The Big Four are very open for introductory confidential conversations and a good source of general advice. Once you’ve established the ‘plan’ they will help to bring in the specialist resources you need. If you would like to talk more about this please do drop me an email


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