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Put it out there. Be a Visionary Thinker.

What is the quality that separates a good manager from a great leader? This can be summed up in one word, vision.

A visionary leader is forward thinking, communicates a collective sense of purpose, and inspires confidence. Traits that right now are going to be critical in leading a business through what is going to be a sustained period of particularly choppy water.

Effective forward-looking executives are either visionary thinkers or they stimulate others to create the future.  Not only does a successful executive need to create a great vision, but also to be able to communicate it coherently.

How to go about it?

This isn’t meant to imply this process is simple but to create the framework in which the thinking can take place.

1. Make time for the big picture. Delegate responsibilities in order to carve out time for forward thinking BUT don’t be tempted to delegate the responsibility to ‘think big’ to others. Delivering major change needs to be underwritten by the person at the top.

2. What would a new competitor do? The disruptor coming into your marketplace is going to be looking at new and evolved ways to engage and provide service to your customer. Is your business resilient to this kind of ‘attack’ or are you going to be the change that your customer wants?

3. What does a post Covid Customer want? This is obviously a new consideration but actually a very powerful one. Last year we didn’t know that we needed to be able to adapt quickly to a pandemic. What have we learnt from doing this to be able to adapt even better next time?

4. Work back from the Vision to today. This will help to qualify the step changes that will be needed along the way and quantify the timeline in which they can be taken.

5. Be able to communicate your vision coherently. “bring people with you” It’s an overused phrased but that doesn’t make it any less true. Springing change on people without explanation will result in zero buy-in and more obstacles thrown in rather than constructive supportive debate.

And the results?

Having worked with, and coached, many C-Suite Executives it is my experience that investing time to think on fresh perspectives can make for some gutsy and thrilling strategies. Breakthrough ideas creating real business growth and value in the marketplace.


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