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Manager's Quick Hit List: Putting People First

The aim? To promote resilience and agility – your people are your business’s primary assets.


  • LOSE “bulls#!t deadlines” – don’t create unnecessary pressure, mistakes take longer to unpick and it’s not big and it’s not clever.

  • DON'T lay blame – fine you have to highlight mistakes to fix them but don’t make it personal… and don’t forget to highlight the positives just as much.

  • Consider the TEN MINUTE (5-6 people, max one minute update per person + to do actions) meeting, be less formal and have more of them if needed… try to make them fun by injecting a bit of topical humour.

  • GO TO speak to colleagues - pull up a chair (phone them) and explain tasks or decisions personally – its better than an email (that’s just a follow up).

  • Explain the WHY - I am a big fan of describing why we are doing things, irrespective of level. It allows for respect, context and maybe they have a better idea.

  • BE HUMAN. I find it is helpful that colleagues see your humanity, your “real”-ness and note that its normal.

Any you'd like to add to the list?


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