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How to navigate your business through the impacts of Covid-19

Now is a pivotal time, with organisations big and small dealing with very unusual – dare we say it, unprecedented – circumstances. The challenges being faced are bringing financial and operational processes under scrutiny like never before.

There is a way through this

Ability to navigate and capitalise on marginal gains through cash and asset management or banking relationships will determine those businesses that are able to see their way through.

Which is why right now a professional in crisis management could be just what you need to guide you through the shifting sands.

Why use an Interim Manager?

An Interim Financial or Crisis Manager is a ‘gun for hire’ – we’re in and out with no fuss.

Trusted advisors primed with experience in handling business distress and ready to deal with the challenges that you want to fire at us.

At Fortitude we take a personal approach. We muck in, absorb your requirements and embrace your company culture – understanding that business is about people as much as process. Experts in financial practices we plough through the minutiae to present qualified solutions at leadership level to inform decision making. Let’s face it, when you’re working your arse off to manage a difficult situation, you want an experienced sounding board and a safe pair of hands to share the load.

And as career Interim Managers, it is our profession – we are not just filling a gap between permanent positions. So don’t panic – we’re not after your job.

We really do just want to help. Ultimately, we’re in it together and we’ll do all we can to get your business to a position of safety from which to grow.

Contact Fortitude Director, Simon Jones - to find out more.


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